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iOS 13 Soon to be released... What about a new update for us for Pockethernet?

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We seem to have been waiting years for any form of update for our Pockethernet devices, and if we do actually get any updates, it will have been designed around everything other than then forthcoming iOS13!

As has been mentioned on the forum before, it's the complete lack of any information, good or bad, that frustrates people, on any updates for iOS, and a number of tech guys I deal with have looked and tested my own Pockethernet device, like it, but they do have a few features that they would have liked to try, but needless to say, once they come on here and see how little support there is for the device, they have stepped back and will look at alternatives...

It is sad that we have a device with so much potential, sadly let down by the designers and creators not having the infrastructure of the programming side keeping the development side going as people would like... We can only hope that something new will come our way in time... but time is a long long time unless you can actually put a mark into it and give people something to focus on.

Maybe with Jony Ive leaving Apple, he's coming over to work on Pockethernet! Sound far fetched? Heck cannot be as far fetched as being told updates are being worked on here!!!!

All so true.  Its very sporadic.  Maybe there just isnt enough money in it.  They certainly dont have enough staff for this device and all its needs.

I was just happy when the update came for the device... a year or whenever later, but would certainly like the app worked on, that hole touch on each item for a funny little circle to come up, really threw me when i fist got the device, although thats just cosmetic, more functions and some tweaks, it would be perfect, and its already close to that, i love the device, and it has helped me a ton, although i never use it for wiremap, it has helped me in a ton of ways, especially with VLANS.

Have a happy day,

Incredibly we still have no updates, and even a direct email asking about updates received no reply.
I'm amazed that the tech channels have not caught onto what has been happening and tried to see how things could be improved for us all!

Is this product dead?

It seems that we all spent money on a product that fizzled very quickly.

It's a shame that they just can't be honest and tell us the truth. I am an IOS user, not Android.

WTF is going on? Speak up!

Yes Please for an update and info on when it might arrive.... Please


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