Author Topic: Testing a telephone cable (wires 3,4,5,6) results in error showing "open" on all  (Read 2329 times)


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Wiremap measure of telephone cable (wires 3, 4, 5, 6), or Ethernet with pairs 1/2 and 7/8 broken, shows all wires not connected!

This is a huge bug, which means that wiremap cannot be trusted at all.

HW 4
FW 29
App 2.8a Android


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I have noticed similar behavour with my Linux application where if the white-brown wire is disconnected a seemingly unrelated wire is shown has being disconnected. I haven't tried to reproduce your result, but from my own testing during development I did notice wonkey responses so this would not suprise me.

I believe this is a firmware issue on the device itself and not a software issue since the packet responses are intepreted correctly, but the actual response from the device is wrong.

But this is just an assumption from my own findings. Would be  nice if they would opensource or push some updates at us.