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Dear Pockethernet Users,

First of all sorry for the lack of responses here.

I'd like to address the most common three issues:

1. Communication

The forum was originally meant as a generic user discussion and feedback place for early adopters and not one for support, but left in place and then not dealt with correctly by us, especially under the apparently false assumption that anyone with a serious issue would contact us via email.
Our main support channel is the email address info@pockethernet.com, where we provide an answer to any inquiry within 1 working day.

It also occured to us that this is not obvious on the website and we will change that in course of a redesign.
There, we will also provide updated FAQs and direct access to the latest and beta firmwares and apps.

Also, Jeroen is currently not working for Pockethernet which also contributed to being less focused on communication in the past months.

2. Issues regarding the device

I would like to ask anyone who has an issue with their device to contact us at info@pockethernet.com

Each error may have different causes and we need to work it out individually for which the forum is not suitable unless you ask support from the community.
(As an example a simple wiremap error may be caused by: not using the wiremap adapter, wrong side of the adapter, using it with a switch connected on the other end, bent RJ45 connector pins, dirt in the connector or an actual hardware defect)
As a last resort we always provide quick and free device replacements when needed.

3. Software updates

Some of you may know how Pockethernet started as an Indiegogo-project with very limited resources but it has been kept supported since then even if not with frequent enough updates.
It was at the time of preparing the last beta software and in it's follow-up we had to realize that our internal resources are not enough for software development to progress as it should.

Because of that we have hired another software engineer dedicated to the apps, starting next week.

This means that we will be following up with the beta by:
- Fixing bugs and regressions reported by you in the forum
- Reviewing comments about the new report layout, but it seems like the best option is to keep the old one with the added possibility of exporting multiple reports together and still being able to add your own logo
- Releasing the final V30 for both Android and iOS

After that we'll continue with adding new features.

In any case we wouldn't like to leave any Pockethernet customers unsatisfied so if the device doesn't live up to your expectations then contact us at info@pockethernet.com and in most cases we'll be able to arrange for a return and refund regardless of condition and date of purchase.

Until the above points have been worked out and we have a new feedback mechanism in place for further development, the forum has been set to be only accessible for currently registered users.


Update appreciated, Thank you

Indeed. Thanks for the update!

well written ;)

Closing the forums to new users so no potential buyer can see the issues, frustrations and dissapointment within...


The skeptic in me just sees this as an act to shift the remaining units they have faster.

Hopefully I'm proven to be completely wrong and updates and new features will now start flooding in for our Pockethernets...


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