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Is there any pockethernet staff still here?


Hi,   Ive just bought a pockethernet and have joined the forums to learn about its capabilities and any issues etc.

I have noticed there seems to be no posts from any pockethernet staff since July !!!

Are they still actively supporting and developing for this product or have I just bought a dead end product ?

I'm afraid your conclusion about a dead-end product might be accurate. Several requests for more communication here are unanswered. There was a post long time ago about an update almost ready for release, but the best we got was a beta version.

My guess is that they are still selling this product, provide feedback via e-mail (see e.g. https://forum.pockethernet.com/index.php?topic=341.msg1579#msg1579), but other than that, lack time for any more support. For that reason I'm not recommending this product to anyone anymore.

Same to me. Cannot recommend it anymore.

There have been a few quiet periods since this was released.  Each time they come back and mention being more communicative, it's never happened.  I don't think they're gone though.  Just poor at communication. 


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