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Feature requests: Regular communication, firmware updates and a bug tracker

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I'd like to request three things:

* Communication from the PE team seems very sporadic so I'd like to request regular communication, be it through this forum or a newsletter but please tell us what you're doing otherwise we assume the worst (that you don't care about us - which I'm sure that you don't).
* Firmware updates don't seem very timely and it appears to have put some new users off when they receive their shiny new device but immediately encounter bugs...  they then look at this forum and nothing appears to be being done about the issues (except for the beta firmware and app which needs to be side loaded).
* I believe that previously (on the backer forum) I suggested a bug tracker.  I believe that it would help you to manage any bugs/issues that are encountered and also allow us to see which ones you were working on or had fixed (and would be in the next release).  It would mean that all information for a specific bug/issue would be in one place, rather than spread across many forum posts and would prevent multiple reports of the same bug/issue. As a side effect, it would create a change log without you having to.Apologies if this post seems negative but I believe that good communication and customer service are the key to a good product.  My PE is extremely useful but with some of the bugs I just can't rely on it and revert to the dedicated tools I have as they 'just do the job'.

Many thanks.


On june 1 2018, developer jboxtel wrote:

--- Quote ---We're almost finished with a software update which includes

- Report: possible to have multiple measurements on the same page, so you can run e.g. 50 wiremap tests and merge them into a single report
- Report: possibility to insert your own logo
- Report: The layout is now more compact so a full report takes only half a page (1 page with photo)
- Report: Long DHCP and CDP/LLDP infos are wrapped inside their box so that the whole text is visible
- Wiremap: We've removed the per-pair detail bars since they often lead to confusion.
- Ping: The status bar will tell you if there are mixed results in a scenario where e.g. 1 succeeds and 1 times out
- VLAN: Fix the VLAN ID setting field, to avoid -1 appearing occasionally
- Info Settings: we've fixed the way the mac address was displayed

What's coming up in 3-6 months
- IPv6
--- End quote ---
...and for now, there's only an Android-only beta release, we're roughly halfway in the 3-6 months period and developers seems to be absent.


  Zeb I agree with you 100%



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