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Normally I'm using an iPhone to do my measurements so no v30 for me yet :(
I do have an Android Phone that I use for experimenting/playing around with that I could use to test v30 with. However, if I update the Pockethernet to v30 would I still be able to use it with the old iPhone app when I don't have the Android Phone around? The Android's battery tends to run out rather quickly :)

I remember a tweet of you guys saying that IPv6 support was scheduled for first half of 2018. What is about that? I did not see anything in the changelog.

I have used this version now for a couple of times and it works for me. No connexion problems with the Android phone. I can get no connexion to the network if I use a fixed ip adres.. I think I do something wrong.
Is it also possible to change the mac adres of the PE to check if a fixed ip ades at the router is given to a specific mac adres?

If i test a couple of things to test my report is messed up. When is test TDR, PoE, Link, DHCP and CDP/LLDP the text of the names is written trough the results og the test.


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