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No DHCP on accessport w/ VLAN tag

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Unfortunately no progress on this issue.

FW: 31 beta
App: Android 31a (side loaded from https://forum.pockethernet.com/index.php?topic=348.0)


--- Quote from: iotkb on May 28, 2019, 11:06:17 am ---Unfortunately no progress on this issue.

FW: 31 beta
App: Android 31a (side loaded from https://forum.pockethernet.com/index.php?topic=348.0)

--- End quote ---

Didnt JRBLOOD's post help?

Lets just say you have four ports on your switch.  Port 1 is what connects back to your main network and is VLAN1, then port 2 is VLAN15 and port 3 is VLAN and port 4 is whatever we want.

First things first, if your switch does in fact run back to some "core" switch, you will have to know not only what port your switch is using to run back to the core, but also the port on the core that is connected to.  You need to know, because that core switch would have to have tagged, all the VLANS that YOUR switch is using.

Port 1 VLAN 1 would be UNTAGGED (this is your main VLAN lets say)
Port 2 would be TAGGED
Port 3 would be TAGGED
and Port 4 you could make it TAGGED for any of the above VLANS.  Lets just say it was UNTAGGED, that would in turn make it VLAN1

If you plugged your pocketethernet (PE) into ANY of those ports you, i dont believe you DONT want to Tag Outgoing VLAN Tag, if you did, you would either not be able to get out of the switch, but it may only show you the VLAN you are on.  By UNTAGGING it, you are allowing, you are allowing traffic to pass though not onyl that port, but ACROSS the VLAN, because you have the main port untagged, and the VLANS you want to get across the network TAGGED.

Again, this all relies on where your main network cable goes.  If it runs from your switch to a "core" switch, and it doesnt have the same VLANS on it, and the port you are in, it tagged for anything other than VLAN1, no traffic will get from your switch to the core, and the PE will onyl show what VLANS you have on your switch, and the fact your wont get DHCP.

Hope the above helps, but would be interested if your switvch does in fact run to a core switch, if so i might be able to help.  But remember no tagging outbound vlan on the PE.


Unfortunately JRBLOOD's post didn't help.

I don't know if I understand you right, so perhaps my openingspost needs some clarification:
- All our switchports *always* have an untagged VLAN. Factory default is VLAN 1
- We configure all operational switchports for a separate data VLAN, untagged - for example untagged VLAN 15
- We configure all our switchports with IP-phone with pass through for a separate voice VLAN, tagged - for example VLAN 25

So this is a typical configuration of a switchport with IP-phone with pass through towards a desktop computer:
- Untagged VLAN 15
- Tagged VLAN 25

Basically this is what happens:
- All data traffic from the computer is passed through by the IP-phone towards the switch with no VLAN tag set in any packet
- All voice traffic from the IP-phone itself has the VLAN tag set in every packet and then directed towards the switch
- The switch reads the value in VLAN tag of each packet
- If no VLAN tag set, the switch redirects the packet to VLAN 15
- If VLAN tag is set to 25, the switch redirects the packet to VLAN 25
- If VLAN tag is set to something else, the switch disregards the packet


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