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Hi All,

Since some of you asked about the current state of development, we thought it would make sense to address it here.
We are absolutely still actively developing Pockethernet. We've just haven't spent an awful lot of time on development, since we spend the majority of the last year building Pockethernet into a steady business.

So regarding development, whats coming up?

We're almost finished with a software update which includes

- Report: possible to have multiple measurements on the same page, so you can run e.g. 50 wiremap tests and merge them into a single report
- Report: possibility to insert your own logo
- Report: The layout is now more compact so a full report takes only half a page (1 page with photo)
- Report: Long DHCP and CDP/LLDP infos are wrapped inside their box so that the whole text is visible
- Wiremap: We've removed the per-pair detail bars since they often lead to confusion.
- Ping: The status bar will tell you if there are mixed results in a scenario where e.g. 1 succeeds and 1 times out
- VLAN: Fix the VLAN ID setting field, to avoid -1 appearing occasionally
- Info Settings: we've fixed the way the mac address was displayed

What's coming up in 3-6 months
- IPv6

Extra Terminators

Since we get quite often requests about extra terminator IDs we wanted to put out a poll to get some feedback on what you would like to see. There's 2 options that we've researched, 

Remote ID
A simple set of remotes IDs that would help you identify different cable runs in the app. This would not include wiremap functionality. Price per piece would be roughly half the price of our current terminator.

Additional wiremap terminators with different IDs
The other option would be a wiremap terminator with an id. This way you can identify a cable and directly also run a wiremap test. There's a considerable price difference between both options, hence we'd like your feedback on which option you would prefer. Price per piece would be around our current terminator price +/- €12 euro's.

That's great news.

Reporting has ended up being unexpectedly the best feature so being able to brand and create 1 report on multiple runs would be big improvement.

As for terminators, anything that speeds up my job so wiremap + remote ID together would excellent.
I'm sure a lot of customers are single IT people like myself, so not having to run around between floors as much for each test would be awesome.

That’s really great news!

Thanks for the sign of life of pockethernet and the things to come!

I would like to see a roadmap of feature requests, where the priority is voted by the users of the forum.

Just voted for wiremap terminators with different IDs.

Very much looking forward to this update, I love you guys but this has been a looooooong time coming.

+1 on the wire-map with ID adapters

what would be the maximum ID number available for these adapters?

many thanks

+1 on wire-map with ids.  This is outstanding!  Been waiting for this.  I sold my big yellow tester because I wasn't really doing network installs anymore so just using it around my house and for the occasional friend so I'd love to have my multiple terminators back.


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