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I've bought this tone generator but I'm not sure how to use it with pockethernet.
Have I misunderstood and bought the wrong tool? It's not clear from the help what should be bought our how to use it.
Any help appreciated.

OK, I've worked this out. Simple really. I must have been having a brainfart last night.  :-[

For reference to others:
1. turn on the Pockethernet and connect using the app
2. plug the ethernet cable into the Pockethernet
3. in the app set the Tools -> Toner -> On/Off to 'On'
4. turn on the probe/wand/toner
5. make sure the Volume of both the Toner probe and in the Toner settings in the app is turned up
5. waft the end of the probe near the cables to be traced/detected - on mine I had to press and hold the 'SCAN' button on the probe - yours may have a different name or function
6. when you hear the tone you have found the cable plugged into the Pockethernet
7. bask in the glory of your hard days work  ;)

There are a couple of YouTube videos showing the use of the Toner feature with a probe:
Toner pair ID:
Toner pair mismatch bug:

It is very useful information.

I found with mine if I put the probe directly on the cable end if the switch I get no sound buf if I put the probe a few inches before or disconnect the cable from the switch its ok.


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