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Connect two Pockethernet to one mobile not at the same time


Hello at all!
We are using two PE, which are connected to one androit 6.0.1/ Patchlevel May 2017.

Both devices are peered via bluetooth.

If you use PE1 (and PE2 is switched off/not reachable) you can use PE-App normal.

After power off PE1 (or it is not reachable via BT) and now using PE2 the PE-App can not conntect to PE2. - The bt-connection is shown at the settings as connected.

PE2 gets only a conntection to the PE-App, after deleting the PE2 in bt-settings an re-peer the PE2 with the android device.

Same situation if you now change to PE1.

PE-App is 2.8a

Is this a normal situation? - To be sure: we do not want to connect both PE1 & PE2 at the same time to the same androit!

Thanks a lot

Kind regards


Have you tried to turn of BT after disconnecting PE1 and then turn BT on and then turn on PE2?

Hi Chris. The issue is that all Pockethernets have the same Bluetooth name, so the app gets confused.. We've added this to the issue tracker to solve this in one of the next new firmware versions.
In case it helps, on iOS there's no pairing, so this issue doesn't exist.

Thank you!


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