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Speedtest over extended links

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Would be really nice to be able to connect 2 pocketethernet devices over an extended link in a network (across switches/routers). As long as they can reach each other via IP, they could run tests across the link. It would be like, but through a portion of your internal network, say from an outbuilding to the data center.

hm, like an integrated iperf? sounds not as something the boxes are built to do out of the box :(
but i concur, that would be another nice add on...

That's a very good idea.  +1.

yes please

possibly use integrated iperf as server or client which could be as a single unit Pockethernet with a laptop/pc
or 2 Pockethernets if available - thats if there is enough resources to run an iperf instance


+ 1 for iperf (even if just client, and we need server running elswhere)


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