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I've having some trouble measuring BER at 1Gbps. I can wire test the cable positively (all pairs + shield ok), test BER at 10 and 100Mbps, but at 1Gbps Pockethernet tells me the Loopback adapter isn't attached...!
So are there any reasons? or how to test cables at 1Gbps?
I seems to happen with be longer cables 50-100m, but it's maybe just  a coincidence.


What firmware are you on? Did you update the app to it's most recent version? (New android version has been released a few hours ago)

Firmware version 29
App version 2.7a

I wrote the message before updating the App, but with the new version it's the same behaviour.

I made new tests:
75m cable not working
50m cable ok, 70m (50+20) cable not ok

I got similar results, but as I was looking at a number of differing cable lengths of cheap cat5 cable also an intermediate report around a critical length where the error rate started and increased in line with cable length. From my observations I suspect when ther errors reach 100% the tester has not seen a valid signal, thus reports that it cannot see the loopback tester.

FYI using latest v29 firmware.


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