Author Topic: CDP not working on Cisco 48 Port Switch (C2960X and C2960S), but on 24 Port  (Read 724 times)


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Dear all,

the Pockethernet device is not showing any CDP information when connected to a C2960x or C2960s Switch with 48 Ports (WS-C2960X-48FPD-L) with Firmware c2960x-universalk9-mz.152-2.E6.bin or with c2960x-universalk9-mz.150-2a.EX5.bin installed. LLDP is working like a charm on this device. The curious thing is that the CDP Information are displayed when connected to a C9260x and C2960s Switch with 24 ports (same firmware installed, same configuration).

Can anyone reproduce this problem?

Best regards

Edit: HW6 V29


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     Do you have any PCs near that switch? The reason I'm asking is because there is Windows software available to get CDP/LLDP information off a hardwired NIC. It's called LDWin, and it's free. The software and creator are awesome, so I would consider donating.

     The software does not do what Pockethernet can do, other than the CDP/LLDP information. Give the software a shot on the same ports, and see what is reported back. I've seen CDP turned off in different switch configurations (very secure places). Also, I've actually seen a bad cable (Had to do BER testing to verify it was bad. Woo Pockethernet!) not report CDP info.

     Also, do you get an IP address on those ports? As in, DHCP or particular VLAN ports? If the port has to be a specific VLAN, you can program your Pockethernet for a static address on said VLAN; it's on the DHCP tab in the app.

     Please report back your findings, as I'm curious of the result. I don't know how to help much further, as I'm not anything close to a network guy. I just know how to use Google very well.  8)

     Here is the URL of the software page:

Good Luck! :D