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Beta version v32
« on: November 29, 2019, 08:25:26 pm »
Dear Pockethernet users,

We have incorporated the feedback received for the last test release and are happy to present you a new version.
If there are no blocking issues, we'll release this as a final one along with the iOS version (which is in the same state, but there's no possibility to do an easy beta testing like this)

Changes since v31:
- New report layout: It's again more like the old one, but still has dynamic height and now even more space for CDP / LLDP info
- Reports are now accessible via the file explorer in the apps directory (Android/data.
- Custom MAC: the masked MAC input field didn't work with alternative keyboards so it's now a simple input that accepts an : or - delimited address
- Displays Voice VLAN ID via CDP
- Updated help texts
- Wiremap shorts are now drawn in order and over the wires

Firmware v31 updater here:

Android apk:

The app will install with the name "Pockethernet Beta" so that you can use this and the release version in parallel.

To use the beta Android app, you'll need to:
- Sideload this APK, by enabling installing from unknown sources in Settings
- Paste the above URL in your browser, download the APK and install it or use adb over usb
- If you had the previous beta installed, you may need to uninstall that first. Don't just uninstall it from the launcher, but go to Settings->Apps->All apps and remove it there.
Please provide feedback here:

For your reference:
[Changelog since v29]

New features:
- Android 9 compatibility upgrades (runtime permissions, fileprovider for file sharing, gallery access, wakelock)

- Added LLDP-MED parsing: LLDP-MED capabilities, Network policy, Extended power via MDI and Inventory information are displayed

- MAC address change: You can now change the MAC address of the device in the settings menu to allow testing DHCP allocation and 802.1X MAB

- Separated CDP and LLDP measurements to show them both on networks with mixed equipment

- Update to latest Android SDK, so there's also no warning anymore and fixes compatibility with a few apps for report sharing
    - Runtime permissions
    - File sharing
    - Camera/gallery access

- Report: The reporting has been completely reworked
   - Multiple reports can be combined on one page and reports can have multiple pages
   - There are fewer user/address fields, but a new one has been added: Tag. This servers as a short description of the test which will also be included in the filename
   - You can add a custom logo to the report in the Settings menu. This image file can then also include your name and address next to the logo.
     The suggested image is a PNG of 1181x236 pixels which corresponds to a 5x1cm rectangle @ 600dpi. The file needs to be on the phone to be selected.
   - The TDR Graph gets added to the report

- External IP detection support
   - You can now query the external IP address of your link and get the IP, the ISP and AS name and corresponding GeoIP data.

- Auto-ping: If all 3 ping targets are empty, and a ping test is requested, the targets are automatically set to the ip of the dhcp server, gateway and dns server

Updates (feature changes):
- The Power LED behaviour has changed. It now goes from white: fully charged, to yellow: charge OK to red: recharge needed
- To make them more obvious, the measurement selection icons are now bigger and high-contrast
- Remove Wiremap per-pair status display, add shield as separate black pair for better overview
  The per-pair status created more confusion than use since it cannot be determined per-pair if they fit overall configuration
- Make help screens bigger
- TDR distance per pair is added to the report
- Ping reports now only error or reply received
- Display Graphical TDR results in meters/feet according to settigns
- Adjust graphics for devices with bigger fonts in accessibility settings
- Keeps screen on while measurement is running

- BER fix (just compared to v30)
- DHCP requests didn't work on 10/100 links with some switches, updated request timing to fix it
- CDP: Management address wasn't correctly displayed in CDPv2 packets
- Ping server names are correctly added to the report
- Fix toner pair numbering and add wire colors for easy selection
- Adjust tabs by some pixel to always have rounded corners at the bottom
- Make all long texts scrollable in measurement results
- The VLAN tag field could become ineditable
- In some cases multiple ping targets didn't work

Have fun testing, cheers,
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