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TDR wrong measurements
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:43:43 PM »

I love the product so far but I am having doubts about mine maybe being faulty.
TDR measurement for a 25-feet cable shows up as Open@2m.  I tried to calibrate it and the calibration test shows almost 8m which is inside the error margin but every time I click on Measure at the Calibration test, it comes up with different number although I have to admit that again, they are pretty close to the actual length and within the error margin.  The thing is, why does it measure correctly while calibrating and incorrectly while performing the actual TDR test?

I have noticed other abnormal behaviour such as not being able to get DHCP address while a laptop connected to that cable gets it fine and some miswiring alerts on orange and green pairs when the cable is working fine.

Could my unit be defective?  Can you help me troubleshoot it?

Thank you.