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ios 10.2 pairs...but can't run tests

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I am running ios 10.2 on an iphone6...
I can connect to the PocketEthernet just fine and the app shows "Connected"
but I can't run any tests.
It appears to be communicating to the unit as under Tools Hardware Info I see Hardware Version 5, Firmware Version 22.

Hi. What happens when you try to run a test? (select a test and then hit the 'measure button)

After selecting "Test" and then picking a test like "Link" and then picking "MEASURE" it responds with "No Measurement Selected".
I did just upgrade to firmware version 24 to see if it made any difference and it does not.

You have to select one of the tests by selecting the circular arrows icon to the right of each test or you will get this error message. This will also happen if you have completed the tests and there is a check mark.  To get them to run again you have to tap the check mark to disable the test and then tap it again to enable, then tap measure.

Thank you! That works!


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