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DHCP issue, probably related to STP loop detection.

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Seems like there's an issue with what I assume is timings or timeouts related to loopback detection on switches.

I'm unable to recieve an IP address on Cisco switches until I enable spanning tree portfast, similarly Loopback detection on Dlink switches also prevents PE from getting an IP address. Same happens on Zyxel switches with Loop Guard enabled. So seems like some option to enable delayed DHCP request or retry count or something would probably solve the issue.

Since nearly 100% of our network use loop detection features, it severely limits advantages that PE has over cheapo wiremap devices.

Also I imagine it might be the same issue described in this thread : http://forum.pockethernet.com/index.php?topic=140.0

We're looking into this and try to find a quick fix for it.

Same problem here (Cisco switches).

Any update on this issue? Has a fix or workaround been found?

Hi Philip. Sorry that it takes a bit long, but we're working on it, we'll probably add an option to delay the DHCP requests or increase the retry count.


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