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Just testing out the reporting function and ran into a bit of an issue with the formatting of the results, anything wider than the box is just printed over top of the box next to it, or disappears off the side of the page.  See example:

That indeed doesn't look good. Noted this, and we'll fix this with the next update.

This is the best feature about the pockethernet that you can send reports directly but the formatting issue has bummed me out as I cant send a report like that to someone as it doesnt look ok.

It also effects the APP too. If the information is larger than the box, you cant see it.

Just a note, several app updates have come and gone, now on V26 and this is still an issue. 

Not sure if DHCP info still crosses over into the CDP info pane, as DHCP also isn't working at the moment, but the CDP info still prints off the side of the page.

Hi. Will be fixed as well with the upcoming app updates as well. I think we should have everything online and in the appstore by tomorrow afternoon.


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