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Take photo button takes a picture but where does the picture go?


Dear Gents,
after over a year of waiting for the Pockethernet to become available again I am totally thrilled to finaly be the proud owner of one, so far it is working great  :D

as per the subject when i take a photo it doesn't seem to go any where... not in my photo library or onto the report.
am i able to attach the picture to the report as either page 2 or preferably on the report page itself?

many thanks for an awesome device

best regards


Hi Allen. Yes, you should be able to attach a photo. The photo should appear on page 2 of the report if you generate it. It's not showing up there?

I've tried again this morning just to make sure, and I'm only getting 1 page that shows the report.
i tried taking a photo and also selecting a photo from the camera roll.

when i take a photo i get the options to save or discard, even tho i tap save i can't find that picture in any of the locations pictures are normally saved in android.
is there a specific location that the app saves the photos?

best regards


seems the problem was with the SD card on my mobile... it failed over the weekend and after replacing it photos now work correctly

still loving my Pockethernet :)


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