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Wiremap/Loopback Adapter Case

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Ahy plans to put the wiremap adapter in a plastic shell/case (similar to couplers) instead of the tape that's currently wrapping it?

We actually produced cases, but due to delays in the production process, they couldn't go out with all the orders at the start of sales. We'll offer them in our shop for a small price soon.

That would be great, because the color changes already to blue (?) beneath the white after a few days, not a problem functionality-wise, but it shouldn't happen that fast either.

I hope you can offer some kind of silicone skin or similar bumper style cover for the PE unit as well per my other feature suggestion.  Would ruggedize  the unit quite a bit and prevent it from sliding off of smooth rack equipment, etc. Thanks.

This, just this. Yesterday I almost dropped it, and a rugged rubber case would be just beyond awesome especially if it is used in a rough environment where you have to change ports often and a drop could happen easily.


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