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I am running all tests on a cable connected to an existing network, but if it reaches the ping test, the app hangs. It doesn't matter if a server is configured or not, after some time the Android message indicating the app hangs and if I want to close it appears. I have to close the app and restart it, after which I can restart the measurements. The ports are on a switch and Pockethernet gets all of its configuration using DHCP.

Thank you for your help

Hi Alf. Which firmware version, phone and os version are you on?

Oh, I forgot to add them.

Firmware is v22. I tried different phones, a BQ M5 running Android 6.0, an S3 Mini with 5.1.1 and a Samsung Xcover 2 with 4.4.4.

Interestingly, it hangs even if there is no server specified for a test. After a force close and restart of the App it works sometimes.


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