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After the firmware update I'm now having trouble with my pockethernet.  It pairs to my phone as before, open the app and tell it to connect, all good.  But if I run a few tests then let it sit idle for more than 30seconds or so, the app still reports it's connected, but when I hit 'measure' I get an error saying no response from the device.  All I can do is turn it off and back on again, tell the app to connect again and away it goes.

Also in this situation, if you have a test selected, the test fails to run, you reconnect and go to test again, the test won't run.  I have to unselect the test and then reselect it.  This is quite annoying.  It's quite annoying even in normal operation, where after you've run a test, you have to unselect and then reselect that test to run it again on the next cable.  Doesn't seem necessary to me.

Hi Evilgenius! If there's no Bluetooth connected, the device will switch off after 2 minutes for powersave purposes. If there's a Bluetooth connection, it shouldn't switch off though. Can you provide me with some more details. What phone / android version are you on?

Re. selecting test. The UI is done this way to allow to run all tests on a single cable/port and provide a full test report.
Let's say, that you first have to use the wiremap adapter to test the cable. This result is held in the app while the measurement has its checkmark sign. Now, you connect the cable to a network port, and do some link tests. After that, you may again disconnect the cable and use the loopback adapter for a BER test. All previous measurements are saved and you have all the different results in your report file.


Phone is an LG G3 running android 6.0.

Prior to the upgrade, the phone and pockethernet would remain connected until the device shut itself off after whatever period, ages.  Now, only the briefest period of inactivity results in an apparent loss of connection.  The app still reports that it is connected, the pockethernet is still switched on, but when you go to run a test, you get an error saying there is no response from the device.  I'll get a screen cap of the exact error tomorrow. 

It pretty much means I can turn it on, connect it in the app, test one cable, then have to powercycle the pockethernet to test the next one.  I'll figure out exactly how long until it stops working, but it's a really short time, 30seconds or less.

RE the UI design, I can see your point regarding making reports etc, but I would be willing to bet that the majority of tests users run with this device will not require a report, people just want the results.  So you've made the UI overly cumbersome to use to accommodate a limited use case.


I'm sorry to report the same issue.

With the old FW 9 on HW 4, no problems in this way are still present.

Android 6.0.1/Qualcomm MSM8916

HW: BQ Aquaris E5

I'm located in Germany, if you like to contact me.

Can you please provide the old android app & software?

Thanks a lot

Kind regards


btw: app-free mode (press the button) does not work anymore

Trying to test this again now but not having much luck.  The pockethernet is flashing between white and yellow, can't get it to connect to the phone at all.  Put it on charge in case that is the issue.

I can also confirm that app-free testing is not working as well.  I'll retest that once I've had it on charge for a while as well.


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