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Multiple numbered Wiremap adapters for remote ends

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Multiple numbered Wiremap adapters for remote ends to quickly identify a large number of cables from the app. Maybe different value resistor in each one or something you could identify with your DSP. You could make margin on this accessory too.

I second this.  Would be really useful.  I already made my own replacement Wiremap terminators, but perhaps changing the value of one resistors would result in the app identifying it as terminator 1 through 6 ?

Also, when doing the wiremap test, the app correctly reports "miswire" or "crossover" but the picture of the wires still looks strait through, this is misleading - at least show ? in the middle of the wire, or something to easily distinguish it from a normal strait patch cable.


     How did you already make you own replacement terminators? I was already thinking that I could use more, when I came across this post. Did you use a regular keystone, or are there parts I would have to buy? I don't want to pull apart the one I have, and mess it up, so diagrams would be helpful if you have them.

     Thank you for your time.


I took apart the one it came with and then reverse engineered it by measuring all the resistor values.
I was able to make others simply by punching down the resistor leads to a keystone jack, soldering them to the pins, and then filling the center with hot glue so none of the leads could touch.

UPDATED 09/17/2017...
The schematic is here:


     You are a rockstar for providing this!  :D  Just to make sure I to got the diagram right; correct me if I'm wrong:

R2 connects pins 1 and 3, with R1 connected from pin 2 to before R2 on pin 1. R3 connects pin 6 to to pin 3 side of R2. R5 and R6 are connected to pins 4 and 7 in series. R4 connects pin 5 to before R5 on pin 4. And pin 8 is connected between R5 and R6.

Then to make sure nothing touches where it shouldn't, file the keystone jack with hot glue in the center, and where needed.

Do I have it right?

Thank you again.



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