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During that crowdfunding it was said that the Pocketethernet has a serial port. With a special cable that would be sold separately, you use it in combination with Bluetooth to have a bluetooth console connection.

Can you disclose details on this or just give the specs for this cable?

-- Attilla

p.s I understand the fight against spam on forums, but these images are almost unreadable...

Hi Atilla. This is pretty high up on our roadmap. We only need to invest some time into researching where to produce the cable, software-wise this shouldn't be very difficult.

Sorry for the spam, the old backerforum got so spammed with fake signups that we thought it would be better to make it a bit harder to signup. (i've lowered the difficulty now)

Excellent.  I'd also be happy with Pockethernet just releasing the specs and a recommendation to a 9 pin D to 3.5 mm similar to this one: for those of us who already have devices.  At less than $10, it's trivial to purchase or make and would save the extra time needed to produce and ship to current owners.  I assume your 3.5 mm port is just tip TX, ting RX, sleeve GND no flow control serial. 

And you could also riff off of this excellent article and make some great adapters to minimize what we carry, but allow for maximal functionality. I am putting these in to my Pockethernet carrying case to add functionality and reduce the number of cables I have to carry. If this feature works great, we can dump the USB to serial dongle we have to carry now as most laptops no longer come with DB 9 serial.

To my understanding there is an on board RS232 UART port exposed through 3 pin 3.5mm socket.
What is the pin out for this? I would guess that Tip=Tx; Ring=Rx and sleeve=Ground
It is easy to make our own cable as long as the functionality is there.

You could add a tab to the App that exposes this port with RS232 port settings (baud, parity etc) with a field for data to be transmitted and a window displaying the Incoming data.

A good example is  Hercules

Any update on the serial / terminal feature?  Thanks.


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