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Title: Pockethernet extra/replacement wiremap terminator
Post by: JP on November 03, 2019, 06:56:33 pm
Updated 04/04/2020 I still have lots of Wiremap terminators for sale...

Wiremap terminators in a solid color are in stock, ready for immediate shipment.

Ordering info here... http://jpelectron.com/hardware

pictures here... http://jpelectron.com/hardware/hw-wm.asp?img=2

or do-it-yourself instructions here... http://jpelectron.com/sample/Pockethernet/Pockethernet%20term%20pinout.gif

note my repository of all Pockethernet tester / terminator info here...
1) *please* stop asking if I can make "wiremarker" numbered ID terminators, no I can't, the Pockethernet hardware, code, and app would need to be adjusted to recognize such new hardware, it's not going to happen just by making up some new hardware terminator alone.
2) this also includes pictures of how I make the terminators and what's inside other product's terminators

also people ask about crossover and loopback adapters, sorry I'm not going to be making any of these, you can do-it-yourself with this guide...
or buy commercially available units.