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explain TDR Graph
« on: April 19, 2018, 02:17:34 PM »

I'm a developer working in an industrial company. Or network is handled by an external service provider, so here is not other IT guy around. Because one department has massive problems with the network (the service provider is always saying "everything is good") i had just had fulfill a dream of myself and buyed a pocketethernet.

All the test are Ok (I only found some defective patch cable) but the TDR graph shows some interesting ( I've measured with a ~5 Meter patch cable at the start and a 30cm Patch cable at the end (open). The length discovered by TDR are 30 meter (this seems reasonable). Sadly, i'm not able to read the graph. I only see, there can be something at 15 meter. Can someone please explain the graph?

The documentation said, the optimal measurement is done with a correct terminated cable. How to terminate the cable correctly?

I'm sorry bagging you, but I did not know where to ask, and in which forum to ask...