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time is money
« on: August 08, 2017, 12:00:43 PM »
... and you guys invest a lot of both into this project - thumbs up for that. and also if i might earn killing glances from other users: have you already thought about splitting the ios/android apps into basic and premium, based on a greater feature-set?
as of the many new feature requests every few weeks and some of them being not that easy to implement - and the fact that every of us user saves a lot of money using such a tool-set and saving even more money not being pulled into the top dogs arms with having your product at choice - imho i think it would not be brazen to take a step back and think about the basic features you designed initial (and you further should care about and fix upcoming issues as you already did in the past ;)) and take another step back and realize how many time you have to invest in the future to fullfil our newly uncoverd wishes for this "swissarmynetworkknife" (and how many time we users win "not to have start up our notebooks and run wireshark"), but i think it would be just fair to think about a good distribution concept (maybe some teams share a pockethernet, so they might need the app for more then only one or two devices) and a price for premium that legitimates your time-invest

on my own example, i need the app for at least ios and android at the same time (i gave up on waiting for a windows phone port) and i could think at least about a mid- to highrange two digit price without getting a headache (if being able to use it on both mentioned platforms without need to pay twice ;))

thats just my two cents about i wanted to share - i hope this will start a discussion and i would like to hear from the users and the guys behind pockethernet also ;)
(maybe i am false and you like coding that much, so you never want to get paid for at all??)


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Re: time is money
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 08:25:35 PM »
+1.  I'd be willing to pay more to get more.  Especially if that allowed you guys to develop more features.  Hardware is usually the easy part.   I know it takes a huge amount of effort to keep the apps and firmware up to date and stable.  I don't think that current and future development should all be for free based on the one time purchase of the device.   Your work is valuable. Thanks!